From small one-off small sales to large public works projects, Steelmac specializes in rebar sales and installation services. Our experience and expertise make us the top choice for any concrete construction or building project.

We supply and install all sizes and configurations, as well offering stainless, galvanized, uncoated, and GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) rebar, plus wire mesh of all types.

We also provide detailing and estimations for other steel companies that are over capacity (barless for tagging and shop drawings.)

Steelmac has a strong and growing connection with the local renewable power sector. We have extensive experience constructing various types and specs of wind turbine bases, as well as transmission systems and lines, and other energy infrastructure projects.

We have years of experience working with the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and the largest general contractors in the Nova Scotia and across Atlantic Canada. We have built numerous overpasses, bridges, box culverts, and more – both precast and in situ.

We have participated in the construction, supply & installation, and detailing for a large range of commercial, residential and industrial buildings, from innovative homes, to massive structures, to institutional buildings such as universities and hospitals.

We have built numerous water tanks and treatment facilities, sewage and composting facilities, and other infrastructure projects for municipal governments and public agencies.

Steelmac has built the pilings and pile caps, beams, and concrete caps for numerous wharves, docks, piers and breakwaters across Atlantic Canada. We have extensive experience in marine infrastructure.