Steelmac is the only licensed Hardox® Wearparts Centre in the Atlantic provinces. The Hardox® brand is unparalleled in its performance and makes up the majority of the AR plate sold by Steelmac.

We produce Hardox® cutting edges and wear parts in our Antigonish facility. Plates can be cut to any size required by the customer.

We supply many aggregate quarries in Nova Scotia with the highest quality of abrasion resistant plate. We also supply a range of wearparts for construction, forestry, agriculture, and other sectors.

We carry all Hardox® materials:

Hardox® wear plate has a unique combination of hardness and toughness, making it both wear and crack resistant. Depending on your particular wear situation Hardox® wear plate can improve performance and increase service life several times compared to other AR steel grades.

With its unparalleled combination of hardness and toughness, Hardox® wear plate sets the standard worldwide for abrasion-resistant (AR) steel. Thanks to its unique qualities, it can even perform as a load-bearing part in many applications, opening new possibilities for structural design innovation.

Abrasive applications and aggressive wear environments are simply no match for Hardox. Whatever your wear challenges, Hardox wear plate offers better wear resistance, higher payload and longer service life. The Hardox family features the original wear plate — thinner and thicker than ever at 0.7‑160 mm (0.027‑6.25″) — as well as tubes and round bars.

By delivering superior quality, reliability and performance, Hardox keeps your equipment — and your business — up and running.

Hardox® Wear Plate

Duroxite™ overlay products are particularly well suited to fighting sliding wear from exceptionally hard particles such as minerals containing quartz. Duroxite™ is a wear-resistant compound material made by welding chromium carbides or complex carbides on top of mild steel or Hardox® wear plate.

Duroxite overlay products from Hardox Wearparts can add weeks, months, even years of trouble-free operations to your most extreme wear situations.
It is comprised of abrasion resistant materials deposited on top of mild steel or Hardox® wear plate to create an extremely wear resistant compound material. An optimal carbide composition ensures homogenous bonding between the base metal and overlay adding to the high wear resistance and long service life of Duroxite.

Duroxite is manufactured by SSAB, and built on the company’s extensive metallurgical knowledge in the wear arena.

Duroxite overlay works especially well in sliding wear environments where small and hard materials are processed such as coal with high quartz content. It can withstand different types of wear such as abrasion, heat, metal-to-metal and erosion wear.


Strenx™ performance steel is an advanced high-strength steel in the 600-1300 MPa range for making steel structures that are both strong and light.

In the constant battle for higher-performing steel products, strong and thin win. You need stronger steel in thinner dimensions to make products stronger yet lighter and more sustainable. That’s why we developed Strenx™, our extensive portfolio of high-strength, high-performance structural steels.

Strenx has one of the world’s most extensive product programmes, both in terms of dimensions available, and with yield strengths ranging from 600 to 1300 MPa. Strenx can produce outstanding results in the hands of ambitious designers who can cut 20 to 30 percent or even more weight off steel structures. Strenx helps your products — and your business — reach new levels of performance.


Toolox® engineering & tool steel. Toolox® is a pre-hardened engineering and tool steel with excellent properties at elevated temperatures. It is available as both plate and round bars.

Many production environments today face pressure to produce better and faster in order to stay competitive. Toolox® rises to these challenges by providing a modern engineering and tool steel of unmatched hardness and toughness.

Delivered quenched and tempered and ready to use, Toolox helps you avoid risky, expensive heat treatments and lets you speed up manufacturing. And because Toolox is produced to rigorous quality standards — its potent mechanical properties are measured and guaranteed — you can be assured it represents high quality you can trust.

Toolox brings you the best in premium steel so you can shorten production runs, lower costs and decrease time-to-market.


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